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Stone Restoration Services

Stone Restoration Services

Across the nation, we provide stone cleaning, restoration and preservation services including but not limited to concrete, natural stone, masonry, and pre-cast stone cleaning and sealing. Over time, commercial properties are plagued with biological and other types of staining, resulting in a class A property with a class C exterior appearance. Our stone cleaning services include many types of stone restoration processes in order to remove the many different types of staining on the stone material. After the restoration process, we recommend the application of a clear, breathable sealer, or invisible water repellent in order to reduce the amount of water that is able to enter the stone.

We can provide commercial stone restoration in Atlanta for just about any type of stone surface. Marble restoration is safe and effective with our marble restoration services. Furthermore, we can provide limestone restoration, masonry restoration, and natural stone restoration. Our commercial stone restoration services can remove rust stains, biological staining, and efflorescence.

Stone Sealing & Stone Maintenance Services

After installing a waterproofing seal on a stone surface, it's important to properly maintain the area in a manner that won't damage the waterproofing seal. This is best done through a maintenance clean process. Maintenance cleaning typically uses chemicals that remove any soil or biological growth without damaging the waterproofing seal. If high pressure is used on a brick sealer, it can damage the waterproof coating. This will result in requiring a new waterproof coating at a significant expense.

If construction waterproofing is performed, an area may never need stone restoration. We recommend applying waterproof coatings during the construction process. Construction waterproofing helps to protect surrounding glass surfaces, and preserve the architect's desired appearance of the stone. Construction waterproofing also helps save building owners costly restoration services in the future.

Stone Sealing & Stone Maintenance Services
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We want to be your commercial stone restoration and commercial stone waterproofing contractor. We know that you have a choice when selecting a commercial waterproofing contractor, and we will go the extra mile in order to ensure that our stone restoration business is run effectively and efficiently in order to keep our stone restoration prices low. When you choose us to provide you commercial stone cleaning and commercial sealing services, we promise to provide our services safely and professionally.

Our company proudly uses Presto Restoration Products to perform stone restoration. Presto carries a line of products to clean stone. Our line contains various stone sealers for all types of applications. To learn more about architectural stone restoration and protection from Presto Restoration Products click here.

If your building has architectural stone such as precast, GFRC, concrete, cast-in-stone or similar composites, cleaning and sealing with Leach Stop will help prevent stains from redeveloping after restoration.

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