Glass Restoration Services

glass restoration Atlanta
Our glass restoration services are just a phone call away. Our glass restoration and glass renewal services often save a substantial amount of money when compared to glass replacement. Commercial window glass restoration and glass scratch removal are an art form that we have perfected over the years. We have the knowledge, the correct tools, and the proper equipment to perform a wide variety of repairs to glass surfaces. 

We can effectively remove hard water stains, mineral staining and scratches from glass. Our commercial window glass restoration services can be performed at the ground level, or we have the equipment and knowledge, to perform high rise glass restoration and
glass stain removal services.

Commercial buildings receive glass staining due to various environmental conditions.
Learn about how and why architectural glass gets stained.

After the restoration process, wee suggest the installation of a
silicone protective treatment to the glass in order to help protect the surface from future staining and corrosion. 

Glass Stains and Hard Water Stain Removal

glass restoration Atlanta
Many high rise buildings get glass stains due to exposure to the elements, high amounts of tap water from sprinkler system overspray, or minerals leaching from adjacent pre-cast concrete onto the glass surfaces. Removing mineral stains and etching from glass is our specialty.

Architectural windows are subjected to severe conditions, which may result in damage to the surface of the glass. This damage is unable to be removed with standard window cleaning procedures, and requires glass restoration in order to remove the glass stains. Etched windows have a cloudy appearance that makes the windows look dirty from both the interior and the exterior of the building. 

After the damaging elements have corroded the surface of the glass, often referred to "stage 2 corrosion" the glass should be resurfaced to effectively remove the damage.  Inexperienced glass cleaning companies often damage the surface of the glass while attempting to restore the glass. 

It is important to restore a sample window in order to ensure that the desired glass restoration results are being achieved. One should examine the test area in direct sunlight from a variety of angles in order to ensure that the glass is not burned or scratched prior to having the windows restored on the entire building.

The glass restoration products we use have been documented through independent lab results to restore glass to its original intended condition with no optical distortion. Glass restoration is fast and affordable with our cutting edge products and techniques.

Glass Scratch Removal Services

Commercial glass scratch removal saves a considerable amount of money when compared to glass replacement.

When scrapers are used to remove paint or caulking from windows, they often get scratched. Scrapers used during the construction clean up can also scratch glass. In our experience the majority of window scratches occur during the construction phase, and are usually not noticed until later. We can even remove deep scratches that other contractors are unable to, or unwilling to remove.

Glass Restoration - The Right Way Vs. The Wrong Way

We are in the business of restoring windows to their original luster. Glass restoration is a highly specialized service that requires qualified management and technicians, the proper products and extensive experience. Improper products and techniques can result in severely scratched and noticeably damaged glass. Industry standard techniques often use harsh, abrasive products in an attempt to remove stains from the highly polished glass surface. This causes severe scratches in the glass. Other industry standard techniques involve the use of harsh acids that can leave burns in the glass and surrounding architectural materials creating a hazed look. The products and techniques we use completely remove stains from the glass without leaving any scratches or burns and producing a highly reflective finish.

The Glass ReSurfacer Systemproduces a highly polished and reflective finish on glass. Our methods will not scratch or burn the glass; rather, they will leave the glass looking brand new. After restoring your glass, we apply a protective coating that will last five, 10 or even up to 20 years depending on the product selected. This protective coating is The Glass Defender Series. 

The Proof is in the Glass Restoration Demonstration 

Upon your request, we will perform a glass restoration demonstration that will clearly show the effectiveness of our methods against the industry standard. The results are often night and day. The decision becomes clear as to which company to use and what products are needed to completely restore your glass without trading one problem for another.

How and Why Does Glass Get Stained 

Through research, we discovered that glass staining is largely caused by inferior water repellants used to seal architectural stone surfaces such as concrete, precast and GFRC, as well as tap water, which has a high mineral content, and dishwashing detergents used in the window cleaning process.

For more information, we have included
"Is Your Building Green" (PDF), a cost analysis from an actual building demonstrating the savings possible when comparing new technologies with technologies typically used to maintain commercial properties.

High Performance Glass Protective Treatments and Protection 

In 2002 glass restoration was performed on a property that was stained by sprinkler systems. As part of the procedure, a
glass protective treatment was applied to the glass in order to prevent the stains from redeveloping. The property owners elected not to maintain the building, and the stains redeveloped. However, in 2006 when a new owner of the building called to propose a solution to the problem at the building, we were able to remove the stains from the areas that were previously restored and treated. The picture below shows where the stains could be easily removed with a towel. Our restoration process protects the glass from intense damage and yields easy cleaning for the future.

Stains are easily removed after our glass protective 

This picture demonstrates the water beading effect of glass 
protected with Glass Defender MD.

Trust your property to a professional company that is experienced
in keeping buildings looking new all year around. 

Never Worry About Glass Stains Again, Ever!

If the buildings are properly maintained in accordance with our recommendations, the extensive restoration should not have to be performed again.

In contrast to industry standard cleaning practices, our products and procedures do not damage the protective coatings, therefore preserving the restoration investment on your property.

The exterior of a building can be compared to a bathtub. Imagine cleaning your bathtub every six months in the same manner in which the windows on your building are cleaned. The bathtub would be cleaned by briskly wiping soapy water on the surface and removing it with a squeegee. This method would produce soap scum in your tub in the same manner in which it produces scum on your building. Since there are limitations that don't allow you to clean your building more frequently, the solution is to eliminate these minerals and soap that are causing the scum on your building.

After the glass restoration processes our recommended specific maintenance procedures that must be followed in order to maintain the Lifetime Warranty. Recommended services are as follows:
  1. Exterior window and frame cleaning recommended semi-annually using deionized water and Scumfrees Window Cleaning Concentrate. This detergent is designed to not leave an oily residue on the building like most other window cleaning detergents, and it will not aid in the redevelopment of stains on the building. 

  2. Exterior gentle rinse of the building using deionized water and Green-Kleen non scum-forming cleaner recommended every one to two years. This will help to remove the contaminate build up and biological growth that accumulates on the precast materials before it becomes a problem. This process will not affect any of the protective coatings on the building. 

  3. Reapplication of Glass Defender glass protection every five to 10 years depending on the product selected after the restoration process. 

  4. Reapplication of LeachStop precast protection every five to 10 years depending on the product selected after the restoration process.

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