We Stand Behind Our Work.

Presto is proud to offer the most impressive warranties available in our industry. Our warranties are based on intense research, and the unsurpassed quality of service we provide for every project we perform.

Glass Protection: 5-20 year warranty

Metal Protection: 5-10 year warranty

Stone Sealers: 5-10 year warranty

Caulking: 10-20 year warranty

Countless buildings need to have their glass restored every few years due to the products and techniques used while maintaining the building's exterior. For example, if using industry-standard products, the windows of a six-story, 200,000 square-foot building can be cleaned for a cost of $1,500 per service twice a year, while still needing $65,000 worth of glass restoration every two to five years. This can total as much as $355,000 over a 10-year period. Presto can eliminate the need for constant glass restoration with protective coatings that prevent environmental hazards from affecting your building for up to 20 years. Click here to learn more.

To review the long-term cost savings associated with Presto maintaining a property versus industry-standard maintenance costs, visit our 10-year ROI explanation. After the restoration process, we recommend the following exterior building maintenance services.

Recommended services are as follows:

  1. Exterior window and frame cleaning are recommended semi-annually using deionized water and non-scum-forming window cleaning concentrate. This detergent is designed to not leave an oily residue on the building like most other window cleaning detergents, and it will not aid in the redevelopment of stains on the building.

  2. An exterior gentle rinse of the building using deionized water and a non-scum-forming cleaner recommended every one to two years. This will help to remove the contaminate build-up and biological growth that accumulates on the precast materials before it becomes a problem. This process will not affect any of the protective coatings on the building.

  3. Reapplication of Glass Defender protection every five to 10 years depending on the product selected after the restoration process.

  4. Reapplication of LeachStop precast protection every five to 10 years depending on the product selected after the restoration process.

Exterior Building Restoration Services