Our Leadership Team

Presto Restoration Products & Services is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who work well together to achieve quality
service and superior results.  

Please meet our key team leaders; each one serves an integral part in Presto's success and a restoration company that stands by its products and services... one you can count on to treat 
you and your property right.

Judah Clark
Founder and CEO 

Judah Clark has dedicated his career to the commercial building restoration and maintenance industry nationwide. Over the last two decades, he has developed the services of Presto Restoration Products & Services. Nationwide, he has supervised hundreds of projects involving nearly every type of commercial building surface with an attention to detail and pride in his ability to make sure we do the best job possible. This includes cleaning, waterproofing, restoration and preservation of glass, metal, and stone.

Through the years, Judah and his team have rigorously tested all of the available products and techniques on the market but thought there must be a better way to prevent surface staining from reoccurring every few years. He used these experiences as the foundation for his research and created a complete and synergistic chemical product line that has revolutionized the industry.

In 2004, He joined with Dr. Tom Bickley, a chemist, to create a revolutionary line of products designed to address the complicated issues of cleaning, restoring and maintaining multiple architectural surfaces on high-rise commercial buildings. 

Presto created this product line with a focus toward environmentally-green restoration, high-performance results by utilizing the newest chemical technologies available. Presto's products and techniques are designed to work harmoniously to protect the exterior of buildings and create a high-retention restoration investment for property owners.

Justin McGarty 
Chief Operations Officer 
Justin is an expert in the field of exterior building restoration, maintenance techniques, and estimation. He has been with Presto using his multi-talents for the last 19+ years and has spent the majority of his career researching and facilitating the restoration of every type of high rise building surface. Justin is familiar with the entire process of project management and a reasonable problem solver when needed. He also manages Presto's product orders and maintains the international distribution of the commercial product line. 

Jeff Clark
Director of Field Operations
Jeff is our primary project management director and site manager handling numerous crews for the company. Jeff has extensive experience in construction and building maintenance operations. He ensures our crews have onsite supervision as needed and maintains client communications in the field. Jeff is an excellent multi-tasker and travels nationwide to oversee our many projects. He often travels to site visits prior to the project start, performs test areas to determine the right methods and products that will achieve the highest results on architectural surfaces. Jeff is bilingual and an excellent "boots on the ground" communicator.

Diane Maimone
Director of Client Communications 
Diane has over 25 years experience in corporate marketing, public relations, communications and business development with some of the largest companies and organizations in Central Florida. She joined our team many years ago to help launch Presto Property Services and returned recently to build our social media sites, web pages, online presence and close interaction with clients of key service projects. Diane is a professional who is up for any challenge and understands the need for positive outreach and communication methods. We are proud to have her back on our team directing our marketing and business development initiatives. The highlight of her role is getting to know the property managers, owners, construction team, who requested a proposal. She enjoys following the proposal from start to finish and making sure all details are covered to proceed in the best manner possible with the restoration project.

Kim Jurica

Business Office Manager
Kim Jurica initially began working with Presto in 2009 performing various duties over the years. She has over 25 years in the travel industry where she became adept at multitasking and has a superb attention-to-detail. In 2017, her role was expanded to make use of her business management skills including tasks she performs to ensure the day-to-day office management of Presto. Kim handles accounting, vendor relations, communications, and project management duties. Kim interacts with many of our customers with product and services inquiries, as well. Her organizational skills, excellent customer service, and can-do attitude are invaluable assets to the Presto Team.