Client Testimonials

CNN Center, Turner Properties, Inc. 

General Maintenance Manager

Dale Dylong

"Presto Property Services provides us with quality work in a safe environment at the CNN Center. Judah and his team have performed window cleaning, restoration, exterior caulking, glazing and special projects in areas difficult to access. The services they provide are always in a professional and courteous manner.” 

eShare Technologies

Senior Manager, Facilities and Real Estate 

Randall E. Borst 

"Over the past three years, I have utilized the services of Presto Property Services, Inc. for all my window cleaning needs at our Corporate Headquarters. I am very impressed by the expertise and professionalism displayed by Presto personnel. I would recommend Presto to anyone looking for a quality window cleaning service."

Cumberland Courtyard Marriott

General Manager 

Stuart Shannon 

"Presto Property Services is a very professional and service oriented company. They are always willing and ready to complete any task with a true and can do attitude."

Kaufman Realty Group 

Director of Property Management

James C. Knudsen

"I wanted to send a thank you note for the great job that you and your people have done for Kaufman Realty Group. As you may recall, we started you on one building to see how well you did. Well, needless to say, you did a great job and now you are the only window cleaning company that we use in the Atlanta market... Presto delivered both the right price as well as a quality job. Thanks again, and Kaufman looks forward to working with Presto Property Services, Inc. for many years and perhaps in other states as the opportunity presents itself."

Team One Display


Bill Groff 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for the referral you provided for Presto Property Services. It was truly a great experience for us.

We were hired to install some dusted crystal vinyl logos on our client’s brand new conference room table. The table top is comprised of 3 pieces of glass ¾” thick with the largest one 4’X8’ and approximately 350lbs. 

While our shop employees were installing the logos, they noticed many rather large, deep scratches on the top side of the glass caused by the graphic mounting equipment. I charged our project manager with the task of finding a solution to this dilemma as we obviously could not deliver a damaged glass top to our customer.

After calling around all morning, he was told the glass was not restorable. The consensus was, “if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it’s too deep to repair” The repair would damage and distort the glass and the repair would be unsightly and obvious. Upon hearing this, I instructed him to get quotes on replacing the glass. The estimates were in the $2,200 range with a 12-14 day turnaround. This was not a viable option because we were supposed to deliver the table that day. 

I decided to search the internet for possible options myself and luckily came across the forum on your website. I immediately called and asked for a referral. You were kind enough to look through your records to see if anyone could help me. About 20 minutes later, I received a call from Justin at Presto. After a few questions, I was given a not to exceed price that was more than acceptable. Justin said “I can get someone out to you in the morning, unless you need someone sooner” I explained the situation about how the piece was already late, and he said, “if I can’t get someone out there today, I’ll come myself” AWSOME!

About 7:30 pm John showed up. We brought his equipment in and he took a look at the damage to the glass. I was very worried he was going to say “it’s too damaged for repair”, but instead he said, “I’ve taken out deeper scratches than these before.” I immediately felt better. I marked each scratch with tape and left him to do his best. After about and hour, he was done and the repairs were perfect! After John finished packing up all of his gear, I spotted a couple of scratches I missed on my initial assessment. Without hesitation, John immediately began setting up his equipment again. He said, “We had better make sure this is done right.” About 9:30 pm, he was done and the glass was perfect. I would also like to mention the courteousness and professionalism John displayed. I was very impressed with this young man. 

Presto really saved my hide on this one. I would have really taken a loss on this project if I hadn’t come across the GT Glass forum and if Adam hadn’t taken the time to help me find Presto Property Services. Rather than take a huge loss on the project, I actually made a little money and the client is ecstatic about the table. 

Thank you again!

Bill Groff

Presto Client Testimonials