Building Exterior Consulting Services

We are able and willing to help any type of company within our industry learn more about the industry, as a result of our long term experience.  We have experience consulting for the following types of companies
Presto Property Services, Inc. is expertly qualified in commercial exterior building restoration and preservation techniques; many of which we created to solve complex problems, where solutions were previously unavailable. We have shaped the industry through freely making information available to the entire world so that others can learn from our research and development. In order to learn more about how a property can save millions of dollars, simply by changing the way the exterior envelope is maintained visit

We can evaluate any building and provide a complete, customized report along with digital photos detailing a particular property’s condition. We will provide our recommendations for any required repairs or restoration, and detail ongoing maintenance recommendations for the property. This report will outline the proper way to effectively and fully restore the exterior architectural surfaces, the most suitable products and techniques, and the reasoning behind both the restoration and the product usage. 

In addition, we offer consulting for projects that may be currently underway with a service company. Take advantage of our expertise. Your building is worth it.

Our consulting services include:


  • Exterior façade inspections & testing
  • Written and photographic site assessments
  • Product specification
  • Budget numbers for various solutions
  • Mock ups and test areas
  • Bidding coordination
  • Procurement, RFP’s & RFQ’s
  • Service company selection
  • Pre-Construction meetings


  • Restoration management
  • Contracting
  • Training for local service companies
  • Technician training
  • Project management
  • Site visits and inspection services
  • Quality control & assurance testing
  • Warranty management
  • Substantial completion or "Punch-list" inspections

Post Restoration

  • Annual or semi-annual exterior inspections
  • Maintenance management
  • Technician training           
Building Exterior Consulting

Utilize our expertise to solve and prevent problems on the exterior of your building’s façade, and  obtain the best return on investment possible.

Our products and services renew the Architect’s desired appearance of each architectural material, and the entire exterior envelope.

Click here to start the process with a written report examining the entire façade, complete with our recommendations for solutions, repairs, and pricing.

In addition to the Presto Restoration Products line, we are highly experienced in the application of paints, coatings, and caulking through business partnerships like Dow Corning & GE. Our product knowledge covers not only chemical restoration techniques, but abrasive restoration as well, which is a much safer, and better performing application than the few harsh acids used by most contractors today. 

Our specialty is the restoration and preservation of commercial properties that have failed caulking or coatings, and contain staining on the glass, precast or metal frames. Presto also has an in depth knowledge on how to restore any surface to it's originally intended condition, and keep it that way through the application of high performance protective treatments. After the restoration process. we write the specifications for ongoing maintenance to help maintain the exterior building surfaces for a life time.

Our chemists have created a complete line of products to combat architectural staining and protect the surfaces after the restoration process. Click here to view our product company, Presto Restoration Products, Inc. Our products and techniques are also green in regards to the environment, the safety of the technicians using the products, and their return on investment/sustainability. These products are available to anyone. If you have a service company you prefer working with, they can purchase the products, and we can work with them to help specify proper application.

Contact Presto Property Services or Presto Restoration Products for more information. Presto representatives are available to survey your buildings in person.

Worldwide consulting is available.

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